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Featured – Wild Valley Farms in Croydon


By Rhiannon Hartvigsen |

Founded in January of 2016, Wild Valley Farms of Croydon has a simple mission. “To improve life with Innovative garden products from the farm.” Their products include wool pellets, compost, sheep, cows, and well, more than you can probably imagine. One of their most innovative products is the wool pellets, which are created from the belly wool and tags (wool from a sheep’s back end). Their website states that “wool pellets have fertilizer value of 9-1-2 NPK, plus they have Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Sulfur, and other Micronutrients in just the right amount.”In addition, the use of wool pellets in your hanging pots and gardens reduces the need to water, and they protect your plants from over watering by wicking away the extra moisture. The pellets also repel snails, improve soil, reduce the need for additives, and are 100% organic. 

Wild Valley Farms doesn’t stop with the wool pellets, though. They have a whole line of products designed for the homeowner including Super Compost Tea, Nutriwool Pots, Natural Barks, Terra Zest, Manures, and much more. After learning about their Terra Zest, an organic blend of sawdust, manure, wool, and how much tomatoes love it, it might be the perfect fit for the home garden. As if these products were not sufficient enough, Wild Valley also has a Healthy Gardening Blog full of suggestions and support for the backyard gardener. The last post, “Companion Planting for the eight Most Popular Plants in Your Garden”, covers what plants like and don’t like. Companion planting might seem difficult, kind of like finding where to sit multiple family members at a social event, but after reading this post you find that it really is a simple process. There are also tips throughout each blog post and recommended links to other posts that would be helpful. Basically a treasure trove of information for those of us with a green thumb and the few of us, eh-em, with a brown thumb. 

Where can you buy this amazing product? Wild Valley wool pellets can be found at the local Tru Value Hardware store in Morgan and other select retailers. Their online store for home gardeners offers wool pellets, super compost tea, nutriwool pots and hanging basket kits. The basket kits are available in different colors and include a bonus bag of wool pellets. Wild Valley also offers bulk gardening products through their online stores like the TerraZest and Product Installation with delivery is offered as well. 

Wild Valley Farms is a local business offering superior products. See what they have to offer you at wildvalleyfarms.com and join their mailing list for a 15% off coupon.


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