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Little’s Morgan Legacy – A Look at Mayor Little


By Taeryn Bailey | Student Writer

There’s a lot more than meets the eye to Morgan’s mayor, Ray Little. Do you know what he did before his job as the mayor? This all-Morgan man has given a lot more than just his time to the town he grew up in. He also has had many defining moments during his lifetime and wishes the best for the future. Mayor Little is quite the contributor to our town. Let’s get to know our mayor a little bit more.

Ray Little is a man who isn’t one for boasting although he has plenty to boast about. Cheerful and kind, his answers are clear, and to the point. He does not seek for public attention, and only wants the best for his town. Ray Little works hard and tries his best to handle problems in a way that best helps our community. His experiences set an example for others and I hope you will realize he is much more than our mayor to this little town.

Ray Little was born here in Morgan, and has lived here his whole life. He went to high school at Morgan High and really loves the town. He loves his family, and has four children. His two sons are Scott and Tom, and his two daughters are Lisa and Jill, his wife’s name is Ruth. A hobby Little enjoys is gardening, and a love for agriculture as well. He says that every other hobby he has is associated with his job. What he really loves about Morgan is its rural atmosphere, the friendly people, and the great school system. 

Ray has had quite the career in the FFA program at the schools. Under his leadership, the FFA students received many awards and made it to National competitions several times. In 2014, the poultry team took second and proudly returned home with a gold ranking. The meats team that year took state. This is just a single example from Ray’s 31 years in the program. Ray says that this time is a defining moment in his life. He loved seeing his students’ progress and seeing them succeed.  Most of Little’s adventures traveling have been during FFA competitions, two of which were in Kansas City and Indianapolis, as well as other places. Another one of Little’s contributions to the town was working as a City Councilman for 20 years before becoming mayor. Two challenges in his job as mayor is handling the need to upgrade the power and sewer systems. The growth of the city has created a need to address this issue and he is working to do his best to make it affordable and effective for the citizens.

In addition to his rewarding experiences in the agriculture program at Morgan High, Ray taught science, math, and personal finance. He is proud of other defining moments during his lifetime as well. Graduating from college and seeing his children progress and excel at the things they like are other successes Ray has enjoyed. Although a retired educator, Little has still stayed involved in teaching. He helps the school as an aid in math for 3rd and 5th grade at Morgan Elementary School. 

Little has seen Morgan grow over his life and has seen people moving in and the population increasing. He remains interested in the town and its development as well.

Some things Ray would like for the future of Morgan City are the continuation of agriculture, the small town atmosphere, and keeping the friendly appeal of the town. Another thing he would like to see continue is the good education system and our schools being able to continue to be successful in their competitions.

There are many things Little has done to support and grow Morgan. He has many contributions and services to the town besides his job as our Mayor. Let’s take a moment and celebrate and appreciate the work he has done for us, while serving as Mayor, City Councilman, FFA Advisor, an educator and an elementary school aid. Little remains passionate about his hometown of Morgan, and continues to give much time and effort to the city he loves.

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