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No Changes in Mountain Green Fire Department Budget


Morgan County News received a request to investiage any budget cuts for the Mountain Green Fire Department. Here is what we found: Mountain Green Fire protection district has been a separate entity of the county budget since 1971. The station has the ability to raise or lower its taxes without approval of the county council. The Mountain Green station covers from the Peterson interchange and everything North until the Morgan/Weber border.

 Even though it’s separate, there are still concerns if there were ever budget cuts to Morgan Fire Department since the Mountain Green Fire Protection district can only perform BLS (basic life support) to those in need while an ambulance from Morgan station arrives. If budgets were to to be cut, a concern of Mountain Green residents is if the ambulance would take longer to arrive. 

Thankfully in Mountain Green no taxes have been raised for the protection district since 2005, and no budgets have been cut in Morgan according to the county clerk/auditor department. So, the men and women who help keep our county safer are still able to do what they do best. 

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