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Blue Ribbon Fishery on the Way


By Emily Childs | News Editor

On April 3, Council member Austin Turner brought up the plans for new raod development in Lost Creek. The Chamber of Commerce, Rep. Logan Wilde, DWR [Division of Wildlife Resources], and the state parks will pave Lost Creek Road. 

Turner excitedly stated, “You won’t need to take a 4-wheel drive anymore and will still be able to fish.”

Once the road is paved it will allow the DWR to post Lost Creek as a blue-ribbon fishery. Residents will be able to go and fish with ease. Those who haven’t had access to ATVs or 4-wheel drive vehicles won’t need to miss out on the fun anymore. 

Turner said the DWR is extremely excited about the fishing because not many people go up [Lost Creek]. In the contract with the DWR and county there can be an entrance fee charged. The cost to enter the reservoir will mitigate costs and bring revenue for other situations the county may need to address. The fee will come after the paving of the road is complete.

Firmly, one grant of $400,000 has been applied, and council member, Robert Kilmer explained the council is “cautiously optimistic” for another grant of $500,000. With the two grants and the county’s match, the end amount could fall close to $1.4 million which will allow for the entire Lost Creek road to be paved. 

Kilmer said, “This is a really good thing for Morgan County.”

The county expressed thanks to Rep. Wilde, Mark Waite, Public Works director, and the state parks. With them and with help from UDOT over the last 2 years the county has garnered $7.9 million in grants for roads and bridges. 

As a final thought Kilmer said, “We really appreciate that [money]. It helps us do a lot we wouldn’t be able to do with our tax revenue.”

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