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Prescott Earns Road Master Certification


By Courtney Bergman | Staff Writer

With spring on the horizon, residents of Utah also know that very soon road construction will begin, from pothole repairs to highway reconstruction. As crews begin surveying the damage caused by the harsh winter conditions—as well as normal wear and tear, the familiar orange barrels will soon begin popping up on many roadways. Morgan City is beginning similar plans, but this year they will be further aided by the expertise of Lance Prescott. Prescott was recently awarded his Road Master certification, a prestigious accomplishment requiring extensive and dedicated learning and mastery of road construction and the exact chemistry and composition needed to maintain a successful transportation network.

While Prescott came to Morgan City over a year ago with 13 years of experience in construction and road work, he wanted to explore and receive training in areas somewhat outside of his expertise. He began attending classes sponsored through Utah’s LTAP [Local Technical Assistance Program] to obtain specialized information in the latest technology on building and maintaining transportation programs. More precisely, LTAP strives to assist city and county employees in performing their assigned tasks more effectively and efficiently while still maintaining high standards of road performance and longevity. Classes are often offered remotely, allowing students to attend within their local communities rather than traveling long distances. 

Prescott indicated the classes he found most helpful were those covering road maintenance and repair. Specifically, the classes he attended to obtain his certification instructed students on what qualities any infrastructure, from a simple sidewalk to a new road, must include to ensure the highest level of performance and quality. All this allows infrastructure to serve the community for the longest period of time without unnecessary or premature repairs.

To obtain his Road Master Certification, Prescott attended 16 classes focusing on asphalt maintenance, roadway materials, safety, winter maintenance, heavy equipment operations, and communication skills. Prescott indicated that one of the biggest challenges in Morgan City is the lack of man power that makes it difficult at times to stay ahead of problems or issues facing our infrastructures before they become critical and more arduous to address. To stay abreast of the unique issues facing our small city, Prescott plans to attend future classes and continue working alongside City Manager Ty Bailey to ensure that the community enjoys trouble-free commuting and travel, including improving pedestrian traffic with additional sidewalk systems.

Prescott and his wife currently reside in Morgan. Prescott hopes to continue to improve the city and county in which he has lived most of his life through his current levels of mastery and expertise, and through researching the changing needs as they arise.

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