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Summer on Fire


By Emily Childs | News Editor

The end of May is going to bring some excitement to Morgan County. May 23-24 the forest service is planning to bring in 150 of their forest trained fire fighters. 

An influx of 150 people can be daunting for a small community, but the Chamber of Commerce and county council are ready to accept the visitors. The forest service asked for a facility large enough to host the training, and it was decided the Morgan fair grounds could prove the perfect spot. Plans for the trainees to camp at the fair grounds are in the works for the two days they are staying. 

The fire fighters plan to arrive at noon on the 23rd. They will disperse throughout our community for lunch, dinner, then breakfast and lunch again on the 24th. For the two days Morgan can expect time and funds spent back into our community. The Chamber of Commerce has been asked to supply possible menus or anything else the visiting trainees may need, as well as easing the rush for local businesses. With enough time to plan, the hope is businesses will find the influx smooth and welcome.

Another point for community members to consider is joining the Fire Academy this May. Textbooks are the cost for the class. The latest EMT class just concluded, while the average fail rate is 75%, Morgan had 7 people pass the class. Ogden City will be joining the academy with 9 students this year.

Community members can assist local our local fire stations by helping the Combined Community Wide Fire Protection Plan. Meetings will be held to prepare citizens and help us all be more fire-wise, especially with dry weather just around the corner. Those who protect our communities and homes from the dangers of fire could use all the help we can give, to hopefully ease the burden. Even just a little bit.

Contact local fire stations for any information on how you can be more fire-wise or for Fire Academy information.

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