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Commercial Redevelopment Discussion Tabled


Development for the Mountain Green Village PUD has been discussed many times. Legal agreements are in place to develop over 65 acres of a 105-acre plot of land for residential use. Nearly 7 acres for multi-family housing, and a proposed 13.9 acres of commercial use. Residential growth will happen in Mountain Green. Council Member Tina Cannon stated, “There isn’t a legal stop to residential growth.” 

Many residents of both Mountain Green and Morgan are concerned on the economic ability of the county to sustain such residential growth without similar commercial growth to meet it equally, but with the added tax revenue to help schools tolerate an influx of new students. 

The commercial redevelopment plan states commercial development proposes land to create a basis for economic development, a community center and community diversity through a wide range of housing opportunities. The master plan will begin the process of developing a place in Mountain Green where the community can live, shop, and connect.

The property of the village is currently undeveloped and vacant as it stands. The property is located on the south side of the Old Highway Road, across from the intersection of Old Highway Road and Trappers Loop Road, or State Highway 167.

The commercial plan states it is anticipated Mountain Green Village PUD will have a neighborhood market and other retail stores and service businesses. These establishments will provide residents of Mountain Green the opportunity to purchase items and services that are needed on a daily basis. The reason for the desire for more commercial opportunities is the idea many residents of the county do much of their consuming outside Morgan County. The plan for the Village is to bring more commercial revenue inside our own borders from sales tax and possible hotel tax.

But is the plan enough? Council member Austin Turner said, “The CRA is much more complicated than just adding businesses. Right now, the tax dollars from proposed businesses in the plan is not enough to sustain potential students coming into the schools.”

Turner stated with residential growth planned there could be potential for around 1,100 new families in the area. And even with a new grocery store, hotel etc. the tax revenue could still fall short. If Snow Basin builds out with Hotels and other areas where their patrons can spend time and money it is a plan for 50 years, while residential growth will move much faster than that. 

The commercial discussion was brought before the county council and public where discussions about what would be in the best interest of the county took place. By majority vote the topic, after lengthy discussion, was tabled for further review. The coming residential growth is understood among the council. Turner stated no one is trying to stop it. But time should be taken to make sure the right commercial growth is in place, with the right tax revenue numbers to meet it. The county council agreed to take the time to have a work session to discuss the commercial development.  

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