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Letter to the Editor – April 12th, 2018


Dear Community Members,

The task of running a rural and high-growing community can be complex and challenging as it relates to growth ordinances, tax monies, bond monies, internal discrepancies, and so on. Information and opinions can easily get tangled when there are different desires for our beautiful community. However, when many issues and incorrect judgements are made on individuals focused on improving our community, we feel it necessary to take a stand and appeal to each Morgan County resident to become more informed, educated and involved with what is going on in our community. 

First, our county/city elected officials need to be held to high standards. We need county/city elected officials qualified to do their jobs as they are expected to do, even if this requires change. We need county/city elected officials who can stand up for what is right and also have the moral courage to tell us when things are wrong. We need county/city elected officials who strive for unity, are ethical, and are able to effectively manage their responsibilities professionally, legally, and efficiently. We need county/city elected officials capable of addressing and finding real solutions to real problems. 

Secondly, we need county/city elected officials and county residents to ensure that established laws and ordinances are treated fairly and equitably for the entire community and not biased towards any personal connection. County/City elected officials and county residents should not believe they are above the law and exempt from moral standards. Our community does not need lawsuits, legal investigations, or unnecessary legislative management because we simply cannot do our part to follow established laws and ordinances. 

Lastly, and most importantly, we need community members to be informed, to ask valid questions, and give solid input. We need community members to attend, or view online, Council and Board Meetings. We need community members to put in the time to find out for themselves of the intent and integrity of those of those we have, or will, vote for. We need community members to not be misinformed by rumors or gossip, but to become truth seekers through proper channels. 

We believe that Council Member Tina Cannon is striving to uphold her position with high standards and strong moral character, especially in difficult circumstances. Tina is willing to say what needs to be said and to bring uncomfortable things to the surface, even while being disrespected for doing so. As a CPA, Tina is extremely knowledgeable in in budgetary and taxation regulations and is a great asset to our County Council and community. Tina has proven to be an example of staying true to policy, budget, and sovereignty. We have known Tina to be an honest and upright person, full of integrity and passionate in her efforts to do what is best for our County. We need more individuals like Tina, to guide our community forward with the complexities we will face. 

We need leaders to represent diversity and all community residents, regardless of differing backgrounds and ideas. We invite all community residents to take the necessary time to become more informed and to be active truth seekers when determining which candidates best represent our county when voting this year and for years to come. 


Janet Wall, Brent Wall, Whitney Rose, Machelle Maxwell, Coleen Russell, Ron Russell, Robert Ferrell ,Joleen Kearsley, Doug Kearsley

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