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Letter to the Editor by Council Member Roland Haslam


Recall: Council Member Roland Haslam

On March 6, 2018 during the regular County Council Meeting I, Roland Haslam, was accused of undercutting and undermining the council and having the Mountain Green Interchange corridor purchase halted because I made a phone call to UDOT. The project had supposedly been stopped because we are not unified as a council. On March 26, 2018 a recall petition was submitted to remove me as council member.  The petition was then amended, removing false information and resubmitted on March 28, 2018.  I am addressing the points of the amended Recall. 

First, the Mountain Green 1-84 Interchange corridor purchase has not been stopped and can be verified by a March 7, 2018 email from Kris Peterson, UDOT Region One Director which states “We have recently completed the property descriptions/ deeds for the property and are beginning the appraisal process.  Once the appraisals are returned, we will make an offer to the property owners.”   In a March 28, 2018 email, Kris Peterson also stated “UDOT is proceeding with the corridor study.” In addition, UDOT is “also continuing efforts to purchase the current planned future corridor connection between the Trappers Loop intersection with the Old Highway and the potential future interchange on I-84, near the existing rest area.”

Second, after receiving the final budget numbers for 2017, Morgan County had a deficit of $524,746.90.  In an effort to begin balancing the 2018 budget, I moved to eliminate the Council Secretary and the Economic Developer with four weeks of severance pay. This motion passed with four in favor and three against. In my opinion, these positions are luxury positions that we can’t afford when we are already over budget. 

Third, additional “No Winter Maintenance” signs were posted this winter on the Cottonwood walking trails per the development agreement between Morgan County and the Cottonwoods development.  Signs were paid for out of the Road Department Sign Budget.  

Fourth, I opposed the funding of a UTA bus stop at Kent Smith park for passengers to be transported to Snow Basin Ski Resort.  Why should Morgan County subsidize a UTA bus stop? If stopping in Morgan County is profitable for UTA, they would fund the stop.  It is the parents responsibility to transport  kids to and from recreational activities, not the County’s.

Finally,  I know growth will continue to come to Morgan County.  The corridor will be built, but it is my responsibility as a council member to research, ask questions, and find the answers.  As a council member, it is my duty to be informed on county business before casting a vote that will positively or negatively impact the citizens of ALL MORGAN COUNTY. I will continue to make phone calls, talk with stakeholders, and read documents to find the answers.   A Special Thanks to Cindy Carter for researching and clearing up the falsehoods in the original Recall and for sharing the truth with Morgan Citizens.  

Thanks for your support,

Roland Haslam

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