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Softball Shows Heart in Tough Loss


[Karly Peterson Pictching. Photo by Jesse Rindlesbach.]

Morgan, UT – Morgan High Softball played a tough non-conference game against the 5A East High Leopards on Thursday afternoon. In their previous meeting on March 12th, Morgan came away with a nice 14-8 road victory to get their season going. The Trojans were hoping to keep their winning ways against East, but the Leopards had other ideas coming away with the 9-2 victory over Morgan. “That was a tough one,” remarked Coach Billy Peterson after the game, “we ran in there for a long time. Then there were errors and mistakes and then the other team got the momentum and we just couldn’t hit.”

Morgan scored first in the bottom of the first inning with bases loaded as Karly Peterson singled to right field recording the RBI putting the Trojans up 1-0 to end the first. In the top of the second, East hit a deep ball to center where Morgan fielded the ball expertly and, as the East player rounded second, dramatically threw the player out as she came sliding into third for quite possibly the play of the game and was met to greet cheers from the bench and fans alike. 

East finally got on the board in the top of the third off an RBI single evening up the score at one a piece. As the Leopards hitting started warming up in the third, it seemed to nearly vanish for Morgan as East’s pitcher started putting her game together. Morgan would not score again until the final inning.

In the fourth inning East scored two more times and then in the fifth they exploded offensively recording six runs, including a home run off a muffed catch. At the end of the fifth, the score was now 9-1. Things were looking grim for the Trojans but, unlike lesser teams that might let things spiral further out of control, they pulled together as a team and held East scoreless through the final two innings. 

In the bottom of the seventh inning Morgan was playing with full heart and finally found their hitting again. Taylor Pickrell was up to bat first and singled to left field, then stole second off a wild pitch. Brook Loertscher, who had an excellent game in the outfield catching several deep fly balls, was next hitting a grounder and was thrown out at first, but this allowed Pickrell to advance to scoring position. Then, Kayden Jorgensen hit a deep fly which was caught, but as the catch was made Pickrell stole for home, easily beating the ball to home plate for the final score of the game.

Coach Peterson was encouraged by the pride and heart that his team showed in scoring that final run, but as always, time to refocus and onto the next one. Morgan (6-6) will have a busy week playing four games starting with Ben Lomond on Tuesday. East (2-7) will be playing West High on Tuesday. 

[Kadyen Jorgensen Up to Bat. Photo by Jesse Rindlesbach.]  


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