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Fire Season is Here


2018 Morgan County Wildland Fire season is here. This 3 acre fire was reported to be around the Jeremy Ranch area. The fire spread rapidly from the 20 + MPH wilds and crews from the Morgan County VFD’s worked long and hard to contain and control it. 6 personnel and 3-brush trucks were used to control the flames. No structures lost. Morgan County Fire would ask you to please be very careful with any ignition source that may ignite the dry grass or brush. Always report any fire activity in your area, the quicker we can respond the fast we can control the fires.  

Visit: smokeybear.com and learn more about Camp Fire safety, Back Yard Debris Burning and Equipment use and maintenance. 

Morgan County Fire and Mtn Green Fire District are always willing to assist with any questions or concerns about fire safety.  

Morgan County Fire Department 801-845-4052

Email  boydcarrigan@utah.gov

Mtn Green Fire District 801- 876-2277 

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