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Robo-Students claim 1st Place


Morgan High juniors Kaven Johansen and Landon Weidner claimed first place in Mobile Robotics Technology at the Utah SkillsUSA competition last Friday.  During the awards’ ceremony, the tech-talented duo was initially disappointed to receive a bronze medal.  While still on the podium, a scoring calculation error was discovered, and Johansen and Weidner climbed to second place and the silver medal.  But their ascent didn’t stop there, on Monday at school, they were informed that a thorough review of the scores elevated them to first place and the gold medal!

After much turmoil, the team will receive their gold medals in the mail, and now they have a chance to attend the National SkillsUSA competition in Louisville, Kentucky June 25-29.

Johansen and Weidner designed, built, and programmed their robot under the direction of Robotics Club Advisor Stacey Floyd. Floyd explained, “The robot needs to perform assigned tasks for a specific job.  Kaven and Landon built their robot for construction tasks.  They had to present a job bid for their robot to a company and provide and engineering notebook as well.  It is a tough competition, and I am very proud of them and happy for their success.”

In addition to the gold medal in Mobile Robotics Technology, MHS sophomore, Holden Petty, brought home a silver medal in the Job Interview Category.  

Floyd, along with Robert Kilmer, accompanied Morgan High’s SkillsUSA competitors to state as advisors.  Also attending were freshmen Erick Odom and Taeryn Bailey, upcoming members of the Robotics Team, who were observing the competition and gathering ideas for next year.  Students may only compete in the Mobile Robotics Technology competition for three years, and Johansen and Weidner will retire with their gold medals after three years of competition.  They will pass the torch along to underclassmen such as Odom and Bailey to continue Morgan’s success.

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