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By Sheradyn Nelson

Over these past two weeks, Morgan High has held elections for the new Student Body Officers of the 2018-2019 school year. The election process was handled differently than previous years, as candidates were asked to submit their applications and be interviewed instead of making a video. The interviews were held almost like a job interview, where candidates were asked questions from a group of staff and faculty members. The students were then asked why they wanted to be a Student Body Officer and what they could offer the school.

 After the interviews, the first preliminary vote was held. The interviews and the first vote went hand-in-hand in narrowing down each position to two remaining candidates. The following week, each of the running students were able to campaign: make T-shirts, put up posters and flyers around the school, use word-of-mouth, and post on social media, all without spending over $30. 

Campaign day, the day before final voting, the candidates were organized into two groups with whom they were to plan and carry out an activity during both of the school lunches to mingle and get to know the students. After planning two separate activities, both including games, the candidates decided to all work together as one. They reached out and invited students to play games with one another.

Unlike past years, the candidates were not asked to perform a skit, but rather play a “What’s in the Box” game in front of the student body to more fully show their personalities before the final vote. The two candidates running for each position were given the same thing in their box, in which they had to stick their hand in while blindfolded, and guess what the object was. Some candidates reached in to feel things like a frozen fish, raw liver, and even a live lizard. Even after having to touch these crazy and presumably gross objects, some students preferred the game over the skits of previous years. 

The final vote closed after school Friday, and the new Student Body Officers would soon be announced at the Election Stomp that evening. As candidates anxiously awaited, the current Student Body Officers presented who would be taking their places: Keldan Van Leer as President, Mitch Jensen as Vice President, Alexia Stanbridge as Secretary, Logan Fackrell as VP of Business, Scout Curtis for Advertising, and Sheradyn Nelson for Historian. The student for tech has yet to be announced. 

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