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Mountain Green Chipper Day – Saturday, May 12, 2018


Mountain Green residents can prepare for wildfire by participating in Chipper Day.

Mountain Green is located in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). The WUI is the zone of transition between unoccupied land and human development. People who live in the WUI are at risk for wildfire because they reside next to areas prone to severe wildfires.

Mountain Green Chipper Day is Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Several homes were lost in the Uintah Fire due to inadequate safe space and excess vegetation too close to homes. To reduce flammable material around your home, we encourage you to participate in this year’s Chipper Day. All residents of Mountain Green are eligible to participate. 

Morgan County has received funding to help the county with a fuels thinning and chipping project to benefit the community as a whole by entering into a cooperative agreement with the State of Utah to reduce the threat of wildfires destroying lives and property. As part of the agreement, if the county invests in wildfire risk reduction activities, the State will pay for large wildfires that the county cannot handle on its own. The work that you track to prepare for Chipper Day will contribute to receiving assistance from the state to pay for large fires.

Residents can only put out material from May 6 – May 12. MATERIAL PUT OUT AFTER MAY 12, 2018 WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.

Sign up for Chipper Day: https://mgfpd.org

In order to accommodate the elderly and those with health issues, groups from both the Mountain Green and Highlands Wards are willing to assist those in need with cutting and dragging limbs. Please contact any of the following:

Highlands Area: HP GROUP LEADER: Scott Standing

801-791-6277 YOUNG MEN LEADER: Deven Browning


Mountain Green Area (west of Highland Dr) HP GROUP LEADER: Chris Wardell




For help tracking your hours, contact:

Carol Ralphs: (801) 876-3228


Tina Kelley: (801) 876-3320


For questions about Chipper Day, contact:

Boyd Carrigan, Morgan County Fire Warden 801-829-2048 boydcarrigan@utah.gov

Lester Stone, Mountain Green Fire Chief

801-829-2023 Chief131@mgfpd.org

Katie Gibble, Wasatch Front WUI Coordinator

801-678-1655 kgibble@utah.gov

Type the link below in your web browser to track your hours and arrange for pick up: https://mgfpd.org

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