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Morgan Health Center Welcomes New Physician


By Courtney Bergman | The Morgan County News

Morgan Health Center is pleased to welcome Dr. Keith Elkins and is thrilled to include him among their caring staff serving the residents of Morgan County. Dr. Elkins was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since he was four years old, Dr. Elkins dreamed of becoming a doctor and helping those around him. He made that dream a reality when in 2004 when he graduated from Ross University School of Medicine in Edison, NJ/Dominica West Indies and completed his residency at Mercy Health Systems in Janesville, Wisconsin. 

Dr. Elkins’ goal was to become an emergency room doctor, but he realized that he couldn’t establish a strong patient/doctor relationship, which he felt was critical in offering his patients the care he desired. Instead, he established himself as a family practitioner, caring for his patients, as he quipped from cradle to grave. His expertise includes the full spectrum of care, from pediatrics to geriatrics, as well as emergency medicine. Dr. Elkins most recently comes from eastern Wisconsin, where he practiced in a rural community hospital and clinic. With 13-years of experience, he’s also recognized another field of medicine at times is neglected in some medical settings—assisting patients with addiction. He felt individuals suffering from addiction weren’t treated with as much compassion as they needed to make a full recovery. To meet the needs of these patients, he became board certified in addiction medicine that increased his spectrum of care to individuals battling addictions and dependency. Dr. Elkins philosophy is better health is achieved when patients and doctors partner together to develop a relationship of trust, an attitude which he strives to continue building as he serves and treats the people of Morgan County.

When asked what he would recommend to the community to increase their overall health and assist in their own wellbeing, Dr. Elkins recommends that individuals engage in as many preventative measures to prevent disease as possible, and then engaging in best known medical practices for those that already have problems. Primary prevention is the strategy implemented over the last 125+ years to prevent the onset of illness before the disease begins. Maintaining clean water sources, proper sanitation, better nutrition, and immunizations are good examples, though still problematic in much of the world. Secondary prevention is early detection and treatment of existing disease, such as blood pressure screenings to prevent heart disease, heart attack or stroke. And tertiary prevention is working with people with the known disease or impairment to improve the quality and quantity of life. This would be working with someone after they suffered a stroke or heart attack. Dr. Elkins believes the patient is an integral partner in achieving those goals. He recommends improving day to day care by implementing a sound nutrition plan, lowering blood pressure, keeping immunizations up to date, and proactively seeking out habits that will diminish the chance of developing serious health complications. 

Dr. Elkins is excited to continue his practice with Morgan Health Center. He enjoys the population of a small town and is thrilled to be connected again with extended family residing in Utah. He is currently accepting new patients and is enthusiastic to begin establishing relationships with the residents of Morgan County to meet their healthcare needs.

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