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Optimism at Its Peak


By Corinne Henderson | Student Writer

Everyone has a story; some, deeper than others. Catherine Henderson’s is one of many ups and downs, happy and sad moments, and overall, the tale of a lifetime. Being in Morgan for her entire life, Catherine knows many people, has accomplished many things, and is the most kind-hearted, genuine person you will ever meet. Diving deeper into her life story, you’ll find this all to be true.

Catherine was raised here in Morgan with parents David and Mary Kaye Christiansen. She has lived in the same house for her entire life except one year, where she lived in downtown Ogden, Utah with her husband, Jesse Henderson. They bought Catherine’s old house from her parents and moved back up to our small, beautiful town. They now live in the same house with their four kids: Corinne, Garrett, Trace, and Aubrey. They are a happy, soccer-crazed family. 

Catherine’s favorite memory of living here in Morgan is definitely being so involved with the sports teams for as long as she can remember. Her father, David, was an assistant high school football and basketball coach here, so this was a big part of her family’s life from the beginning. She loved growing up going to the different sporting events and seeing her dad’s love and passion for his job and for the sports. The life lessons he taught went beyond just being on a team and winning or losing. This is what made it the best, his passion. “There’s nothing like going to a hometown football game on a Friday night under the lights,” Catherine says. I think most of us can agree. 

David Christiansen was diagnosed with brain cancer when Catherine was a sophomore in high school, and passed away at age 54, when Catherine was a junior. She says that this is hands down the hardest thing that happened to her. It was devastating, and the thought never even crossed her mind that she would ever lose her dad, especially so young. However, the outpouring love and support of friends, neighbors, and the community in general was unbelievable, and made the pain a little bit easier to handle. It helped her family through one of the hardest, most difficult things imaginable. Even still to this day, 24 years later, the community still shows their love and appreciation for David and her family. For this she is forever grateful.

Catherine is the epitome of strong. She has gone through one of the hardest things imaginable, and still continues to care for others, and look for the light at the end of the tunnel, all with a smile on her face. I aspire to be more like her in so many ways. I wish I could be as strong as her, and I’m sure many others do as well. She is an amazing example; always has been, always will be.

Catherine Henderson has been through many things during her life here in Morgan, but she wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Catherine has accomplished many things and still continues to do so, despite her trials and tribulations. She is so genuine, and such a good person down to the core. Her family appreciates her more than anything in the world, and can’t wait to see what life throws at her next; no doubt, she will do it with a smile on her face, like always.

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