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Scheherazade captivates audience


The Utah Symphony and Enchanted Theater Company (ETC) joined together to present “Scheherazade” at Peery’s Egyptian Theater in Ogden on Thursday, April 12. As part of the Ogden Symphony Ballet’s Family-Friendly programming, the performance was open to all ages. Ranging from babies in arms, to seasoned symphony patrons, the audience thoroughly enjoyed the Arabian night setting under the “stars” of the beautifully-restored Egyptian Theater.

Opening with Mozart’s “Overture to the Magic Flute,” the Utah Symphony set the stage for an evening of magic and mysticism. At the close of the Mozart selection, the director of the Enchantment Theater Company joined the symphony on stage, and together they demonstrated the melodies and instruments that could be found throughout Scheherazade, such as the bassoon tune that symbolizes the Genie and the solo violin motif which repeatedly indicates Scheherazade throughout the piece. This instructor helped the younger concert goers identify specific use of music and instrument during the piece.

“Mom, there’s the Scheherazade music again,” one young attendee whispered loudly as the solo violin repeated Scheherazade’s song during the performance.

While the Utah Symphony masterfully presented the music, the Enchantment Theater Company’s presentation literally captivated the audience, young and old, for the entire 45-minute performance. “My kids were glued to the theatrical performance like it was a smartphone,” one mother shared. “They loved the costumes. The performance visually drew the young listeners in and taught or showed them how to ‘imagine’ the story the music was telling.”

Caroline, age 8 commented, “I liked the way they acted without words, just the music, but they still told a story and if they didn’t act it out, I wouldn’t know the story.”

“My favorite part was the dragon,” Grace, 10, shared. “It was so long and red, and then Scheherazade cut it into pieces with her sword.  She was killing the Sultan’s anger when she was killing the dragon.”

Kudos to the Ogden Symphony Ballet for bringing such an amazing production to Ogden! Their next family-friendly event will be on Saturday, May 5, at 2:00 pm. Ballet West II will present Aladdin at the Browning Center at Weber State University. Tickets can be purchased at www.symphonyballet.org or by calling 801.399.9214.

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