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A Different Election Year – Meet the Candidates Night will be on May 10


The Morgan Area Chamber of Commerce wanted to celebrate the growing interest in local elections this year by hosting the Meet the Candidates night at the high school. Something which hasn’t really been done in the past. But why now?

The political climate can at times be—turbulent. There is elevated discussion and elevated concern throughout the county about a wide range of issues. Social media can play an important role in spreading information, but it can also be the culprit of misinformation.

This year in Morgan County the election year is a little different. The largest difference being there are many more candidates than other years. Typically, the races go uncontested, but not this year. Some positions have four people running. Laurel Orr of the Chamber explained one reason for more names on the ballot could be there are more hot topic items, one being the interchange in Mountain Green. Orr said, “It [interchange] can be a very polarizing issue.”

Emotions can rise with political discussions, which makes having a neutral entity where people can learn facts, platforms, and hear solutions first hand important. This was the motivation behind the decision of the Chamber. 

Orr said, “There are two goals of the Chamber. Support businesses and support the community while being a unified body for the community.”

The event gives candidates and community members the chance to come together on neutral ground, no matter where someone might range on the political spectrum. It is an important place where the candidates can share and tell their platforms. Where community members can decide who best serves their needs. Orr finished by saying, “Most people find we all really care about the same things, despite political parties.”

Meet the Candidates Night will be on May 10 from 6-8 PM at Morgan High School 


Attorney: Ryan Blake

Attorney: Jann Farris

Clerk/Auditor: Stacy Netz 

Clerk/Auditor: Stefani Jensen  

Clerk/Auditor: Jonathan Rincon

Council #1: Tina Cannon

Council #1: Tina Kelley 

Council #1: Larry Nance

Council #2: Andrea Franklin

Council #2: Robert McConnell 

Council #5: Michael Newton 

Council At Large: John Barber 

Council At Large: Jamie Grandpre

Council At Large: Sarah Swan 

Council At Large: Austin Turner 

School Board: Norma Jean Baltazar 

School Board: Lars Birkeland 

School Board: Kelly Preece 

Sheriff: Blaine Breshears 

Sheriff: Matt Fairbanks

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