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[Video] MHS Boys Soccer Ranked 2nd in State



The Morgan High School Boys Varsity Soccer Team has been ranked 2nd in the state of Utah and are now headed to the playoffs this week. Head Coach Jared Anderson said, “These rankings are unprecedented. It’s been well over a decade since our soccer boys have been ranked 2nd in the state. We can’t tell you how excited we are about the playoffs!”

Most of the seniors have been playing soccer together since 4th and 5th grade. Team Captain Cam Winn said, “We’ve put in a lot of work ever since we were young. We’ve worked hard for what we’re trying to accomplish, and that is a state title.”

When asked what the biggest difference is that makes this team so special, he said it was the added insight from their new assistant coach, Seth Wallace, and also how hard they’ve worked since they were very young. 

When team captain Broc Matthews was also asked what makes this team different, he said, “I think it’s the chemistry that we have. We’ve been playing together for a long time, and we can work off that really well.” 

The #1 ranked team is Judge Memorial. They are an incredibly strong team that recruits throughout the country, so if there are no upsets and Morgan faces Judge in the championship match, it will be a David vs. Goliath type game. 

When asked about Judge, Coach Anderson said, “Even though the #1 ranked team can recruit outside the normal geographic boundaries, we know they are very beatable – and we have a plan to do just that.” 

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