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Board of Education Approves Raises


For the 2018-2019 school year, school district staff will see an increase in salaries. The Board of Education approved a 6% increase on the wage and salary schedules for all employees. Salary schedules in most school districts, Morgan included, follow different lanes and steps depending on education and experience for certified staff. 

The approved budget will maintain the current certified salary schedule, but will begin the work to add one additional step beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, and continue at a rate of one step per year to a maximum of 12 steps. As a disclaimer, the board made it clear the progression in the added step will only be available if funding is adequate.

The board also approved the hire of 8 new teachers, in addition to filling positions of teachers leaving this year, and a new hire of an assistant principal. The budgets will be covering school supply budgets and be covering a 3% increase to health insurance premiums.

In past years there have been double digit premium increases, but the district changed to a Select Health Share program to keep the increases down. These programs do require teachers to do tasks throughout the year to keep the increases down. In 2019 70% of insured employees will need to meet criteria to maintain the single digit increases. 

Business Administrator, D’Lynn Poll said, “Select Health offered us a 3% increase not only for this coming year, but for the next 3 years guaranteed as long as we [insured district staff] maintain 70% participation in criteria.”

Some of the tasks required for the Select Health Shared program are: 2 walking challenges, and logging steps one day a week for 4 weeks. One Healthy lifestyle coaching program, which takes about 20 minutes. An online health assessment, which also takes about 20 minutes, and one health assessment performed by a team from IHC. Poll explained the district would be providing a day or two where employees can come and complete their digital coaching, online health assessment, as well as the IHC health assessment, so three of the tasks can be completed all at once. Another piece of criteria will be employee participation in Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Poll said, “The district puts a large amount into the HSAs. This year we have to have 70% of our employees putting 25% of the deductible into an HSA in order for us to meet all the goals.” This requirement is part of the Shared Program criteria.

The board approved increases in wages for part-time staff like summer help, classified substitutes, and bus drivers. Superintendent, Doug Jacobs said the increases in wage allow Morgan to be more competitive with other districts.

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