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Class Officer Elections for the 2018-2019 school year


[Left top – Paul Clayton, Alexandria Firby, Miranda Jensen, Caden Smith. Left bottom – Carsyn Ball, McKell Jensen, Tosha Turner, Erin Bartol]

By Sheradyn Nelson

During this last week, Morgan High has undergone Class Officer Elections for the 2018-2019 school year. The election process was a little different this year as it did not include a skit, but an interview and activities put on by the candidates at lunch, similar to the previous Student Body Officer Elections. Candidates were able to campaign and hang posters all week before voting opened. 

For their activities at lunch, students and candidates played games including air hockey, Pictionary, ping pong, and spike ball. The activities are meant to help students get to know those running for office before they vote, and the candidates were very successful as they introduced themselves and included everyone.

Each class presidency has certain jobs and responsibilities:

 Senior officers are in charge of planning Senior Cotillion as well as class reunions in the future. Juniors plan Junior Prom, and Sophomores plan the Last Chance Dance at the end of the year. Despite their own responsibilities, officers are frequently asked to help the Student Body Officers throughout the year as well. Having assistance from each office makes it easier to include students from each class and get everyone more involved. 

Those who will be taking on the positions of Class Officers were announced Friday by next year’s Student Body Officers. 

For the Sophomore class: President, Paul Clayton. Vice President, Madison Richens. Secretary, Carsyn Ball. 

For the Junior class: President, Tosha Turner. Vice President, Caden Smith. Secretary, Erin Bartol.

For the Senior class: President, Alexandria Firby. Vice President, Miranda Jensen. Secretary, McKell Jensen. 

Elections for Freshmen Class Officers will be held at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year. Congratulations to everyone as we look forward to next year. 

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