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School Construction Update


Hogan Construction finished with the utility connections for Morgan High School and gave an update on the progress of the high school and Mountain Green Middle School. There is still a fire line needed to be connect on the south side of the high school. As soon as school is out construction crews will connect the fire lines. To be compliant with the fire marshal the fire lines will completely surround the school. John Cox, of Hogan Construction said, “Unfortunately, the water line we connect to is on the south side of Young Street, so construction will close access to the district office. So, that will need to be coordinated. That’s why we push some of these things off until summer. It will be a little disturbance for a moment.”

As the south side of the road is closed, traffic will be pushed to the north side, and will switch as needed during the high school construction. The steel mason will be starting in area B, which is by the kitchen and will move to area A which is by the south side. The mason will begin the week of June 4th. In area B the steel will go up one floor, then in area A the mason will set steel for 3 stories. Cox said, “You will start to see some progress here, real quick.”

On Mountain Green Middle school, all the exterior concrete has been placed and about 50% of the interior concrete. The first slab will be poured on Thursday, May 10th in the gymnasium area. Hogan has mobilized all the utility piping and will begin work on the utilities next week. 

Steel is in production for both schools, and Robert Kilmer will be joining Cox with the welding students for a tour of the steel plant. Students will be able to paint one of the beams and sign the beam. 

“When we set that beam the kids will be able to see their name on there, so kind of a fun experience for them,” Cox said.

Though the high school fell behind schedule, Cox assured the school board with the mason beginning work soon the construction will get back on schedule. Mountain Green Middle School is still working on schedule.   

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