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First Meet the Candidates Night a Success


Last Thursday night Morgan Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a meet the candidates night for community members to come and hear platforms and views on currently running candidates. The candidates range in varying experience and backgrounds, but one thing they shared was the hope to serve Morgan County and serve the people who live within its borders.

Those running for seats on the county council each brought varying interests and expertise. Larry Nance, running in district 1, stated his passion for finding money for the people of the community, saying, “There is money out there, and I don’t think the current council has done enough to get it. I plan to work to get money for our community.” Tina Canon and John Barber, both currently on the county council, bring entrepreneurial experience, as well as Canon stating, “Out of all those on the current county council, and the candidates I have the most experience in practical accounting.”

Sarah Swan, a new candidate running for chair, at large brings her knowledge for managing high figure budgets, from working for Weber County with their budgets, as well as managing benefits for over 1400 employees. Another new candidate running is Andrea Franklin. Franklin said, “I have a keen interest in the benefits of the county. I am a fast learner.” Franklin has been a resident of Mountain Green for over ten years and expressed her desire to work for the betterment of the community. Austin Turner, a current member of the county council, also running for chair, at large said, “I want to work to make sure county employees get paid what they deserve. I make it a point to ask employees (of Morgan County) what I can do for them, so they in turn can better serve the community members.”

Jerry Pierce was asked how he and the Area Chamber felt about the event. Pierce said, “I think it went really well. I wish we would have more community involvement from those who wanted to hear both sides of everybody’s agenda. I think it really brought a perspective for those who did attend. It’s interesting to me, being a long-term resident, to be able to see the views of people from different districts and areas, with different views, to then educate us so we can be better informed before we cast our votes.”

Pierce said it’s possible to hold another meet the candidates night in the future if they can get community support. The Morgan Area Chamber of Commerce held a Facebook Live session during the night, so anyone who missed it can go back and watch the recording on the Morgan Chamber of Commerce Facebook page.

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