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MHS Class of 2018 to graduate Friday


Although classes officially ended for the Morgan High Class of 2018 on Friday, May 18, the final step of graduation won’t take place until Friday, May 25 at noon at the Dee Events Center in Ogden.  On this day, the approximately 215 graduating seniors will gather together with their families to celebrate the culmination of 13 years of education.

The Class of 2018 is unique in the fact that many of them were born at the turn of the century in late 1999 or early 2000.  They are the first babies of the new millennium and have never known the ardors of monthly texting limits.  The Phantom Menace is the first Star Wars movie they remember, and Columbine was a year before they were born and 9/11 was a year after.  Their world has always included Redbox and Netflix in addition to Morgan High, friends and family!

In the weeks leading up to graduation, the senior class has celebrated with a Senior Tea for the Senior Girls, the Senior Cotillion at Weber State University and Scholarship Night at MHS.  Thousands of dollars of institutional and local scholarships were awarded to the talented, hard-working soon-to-be MHS graduates to help them pursue their dreams and launch them into their futures.

On Wednesday, May 23, the seniors gathered at Riverside Park for their Senior Service Project.  Senior Mom Kim Turner helped coordinate the project with the senior class officers and the city.  The senior class assisted the city in fulfilling their Community Wildlife Protection Plan (CWPP) requirements to remove dead brush that is a fire danger.  Over 70% of the senior class (around 150 students) showed up and made quick work of the project between the Mickelson Mile and the river.   The students removed over 60 truckloads of debris.

“They worked so fast and so well that we had to move up lunch,” Turner reported.  “The city workers reported that they have to get the backhoe out at the dump to make more room for our debris.”

“Everyone worked hard to make the beach areas look great, and some of the students were wishing they had brought in sand to make a real beach,” Turner explained.   “It was a great project!”

A smaller group of 25 traveled to the “M” to whitewash it and prepare it for graduation night while the large group worked at the park.

Way to go Class of 2018!  Thanks for making Morgan better!

Full coverage of graduation will be included in next week’s paper including graduation and Operation Graduation.

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