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Significant Rezone Request Passes Through City Council


A rezone request was passed pending certain criteria agreements at Tuesday night’s city council meeting. The property in question is between 100 North and the Weber River, at about 324 North. The property is currently vacant, and once described as undevelopable. However, with the homeowner in front of the property acquiring the back property the zoning lines could be changed to increase the access road to the area, allowing for residential development to take place.

The request from the property owner asks the property rezoned from a R-1-8 property, meaning only single-family housing can be placed on the property, to a RM-7, a medium density property, allowing dwellings which share a common wall. Under the current zoning of the property the owner could place 4 single family homes. With the proposed zoning brought to the city council it would be possible for the owner to place up to 7 dwellings, some sharing a common wall. The owner has stated the project will be limited to 5 dwellings, consisting of 2 twin homes, and 1 separate unit.

During the planning commission meeting concerns were brought to the commission that the property lacked adequate access for any kind of development. The owner provided solutions to the problem of access by presenting the solution to widen the road alongside the property so the access for the number of proposed dwellings is compliant with zoning laws.

During the city council meeting public comments from neighboring homeowners in the area brought concerns about increased traffic to the area, the probability of fitting homes with enough space, avoiding the flood zone since the property runs along the river, and whether or not multi-family dwellings were in the best interest of the community.

In the end, the city council passed the motion to rezone the property pending an amendment to the building map and an effective date is in place for rezoning while staying compliant with the current development plan in place.

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