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DUP Charter Celebrates Jubilee and 100th Anniversary

Pioneer Day Royalty with ShaRon Nelson Pres. of the Morgan Co. of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

Born on June 1, 1801, Brigham Young proved to be one of the most instrumental individuals in fueling the westward expansion, supervising the immigration of over 700,000 pioneers and helping found nearly 400 settlements throughout Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, and Nevada. He also served as the second President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Utah’s first territorial governor. His contributions continue to influence the state of Utah and Morgan’s Daughters of Utah Pioneers chapter wanted to honor him by continuing a tradition of holding a jubilee on his birthday.

On June 2nd, members of the DUP celebrated Brigham Young’s 217th birthday, as well as their own 100 year celebration, by holding their first annual jubilee on the lawn of the county courthouse. Entertainment included performances from the Doug and Emily Cox family, as well as the Palkki family, and included a visit from the Days of ’47 Royalty. Through the major organizational efforts of Carol Whitbeck and ShaRon Nelsen, the Daughters of Utah Pioneers provided hayrides, candle dipping, ring tosses, quilting, and milking a “cow”, allowing children of all ages to better understand the chores and lifestyles of our pioneer ancestors.

Dorothy Little, along with her grandson Brandon, also provided a presentation on and a rare glimpse into the former home and log cabin of Charles Peterson, located on the courthouse lawn. The museum was also opened with a scavenger hunt available to locate specific items in the display cases. The DUP museum is replete with many photographs and artifacts specific to those who settled and lived in Morgan County and is a valuable treasure to the community. While members of the DUP expressed this year’s jubilee as being somewhat of a learning curve, the event presented was a wonderful service to the community, educating Morgan residents on their past and those individuals who sacrificed so much to provide the legacy we all enjoy, and hopefully will become a family tradition for many years to come.

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