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Morgan County Fire Department sends Firefighters out of area for Training.


Each year the Bear River area of the Division of Forestry Fire And State Lands (FFSL) provides Wildland fire trainings and invites fire departments both full time and volunteers to attend. Mentors from multiple agencies like the FFSL, Forest Service and BLM send their best and most experienced Wildland Firefighters from across the State to host the event and mentor the Firefighters. Class room and hands on training are provided for 2 full days allowing each firefighter a chance to use every piece of equipment on their engines. This gives the them the opportunity to test and get reacquainted with their firefighting gear. Wildland firefighting is one of the most dangerous and difficult jobs firefighters do. County Fire Warden Boyd Carrigan stated: Statistics show Wildland Firefighters are 6 times more likely to get hurt or killed fighting a wildland fire than fighting a structure fire.

Boyd would like to thank the volunteers for taking the time to attend this event.

Remember, June 1st to Oct 1st is closed fire season. No open burning without a written permit from the County Fire Marshall or County Fire Warden.

Contact your local fire officials at:

Morgan Fire Station (801) 845-4052 Hours Mon-Thur 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Mountain Green Fire District (801) 876-2277 (leave a message)

Please be careful with any activity around dry grass this year and call 911 to report a fire or smoke in your area.

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