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Suited for Good seeks nominations for deserving fathers, men


Needed:  Nominations for deserving fathers and other men who could use a free tailor-made suit to improve their life or situation.  Nominations can be made at by scrolling down the home page and clicking on “Apply for Suit” at www.suitedforgood.com or emailing cody@utahwoolenmills.com

Recently Mike and Diane Ford, parents of Morgan resident Jenny Rowser, joined their long-time friend, Bart Stringham, on a tour to Nellis Air Force Base.  Stringham, CEO of Utah Woolen Mills (UWM) Men’s Shop was traveling to brighten lives and improve the wardrobe of deserving service members through his new organization, Suited to Good.

Rowser reports, “Suited for Good is non-profit organization that was started last year in Salt Lake City by the Stringham family, owners of Utah Woolen Mills Men’s Shop. Since then, Suited for Good has traveled around the state, generously providing men’s suits to deserving individuals. They have been particularly touched by some of the recent experiences they have had in rural communities, and this Father’s Day they would like to honor fathers and other men in Morgan County! They are looking for deserving men who have made a difference in someone’s life, fathers who have overcome difficult trials or made great sacrifices, especially if they might not have the means to purchase a tailored suit for themselves.”

“Taking our UWM Men’s Shop Suited for Good tour to Southern Utah was an experience we will never forget,” Bart Stringham, CEO of Utah Woolen Mills explained.  “We met many amazing men, both young and old, from all walks of life from small towns in Utah; men who quietly devote their lives to their families and communities; men working multiple jobs, single dads, veterans of our US military; men from all walks of life. Our unsung heroes.”

“To see the joy on the face of a son that had nominated his 83-year-old father as well as on the face of his father as he received his suit will forever be etched in our minds. Giving to a man who hadn’t asked, yet deserved to be recognized, is a feeling of true happiness,” Stringham related.

To nominate a deserving individual, go to www.suitedforgood.com and scroll down to “Apply for a Suit” or email cody@utahwoolenmills.com Nominations will be accepted until June 14.  Suited for Good will then select the recipients who will receive an individually tailored suit free of charge. The Suited for Good team will be in Morgan City on Saturday, June 16th from 1:00 – 4:00 to meet and measure the recipients. Since the suits will be individually tailored, they will be available approximately 4-6 weeks later.

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