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Letter to the Editor – Community Unity


It’s the simple things that promote unity in our community.  It takes just a little bit of time and effort.  Our neighborhood held our annual Block Party. It is the 21st year of holding this event!  It’s not only a “block” party, it incorporates many neighborhoods.  It started in 1997 with a few of us “newbies” moving to Morgan, and wanting to get to know our neighbors better.  Back then, we would pull out 5 or 6 grills, and BBQ burgers and it was held on a couple of our driveways.  We had music, even blocked off our street so we could have street volleyball.  It has grown into such a big event, we luckily have some neighbors that have 3 backyards that are connected to allow basketball, volleyball, and a fire pit.  They  rent bounce houses, and we have our own neighborhood DJ, that plays music! There is dancing, (even some traditional tunes that are a “must” every year) and Pot Luck provided by all our friends and neighbors.  Everyone brings their own lawn chairs, and the socializing begins.  It’s generally always in August, right before the school year begins.

This year,  while observing all the camaraderie and friendship, it was apparent, that no matter what color the skin, what political views, what religion is observed, we are united in our love and friendship towards one another.  What a wonderful example of being united in kindness and  respect for one another.  It is a binding tradition that we hope will be passed on for generations in our “hood.”

Lisa Carter

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