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Letter to the Editor – Water Shortage in Mountain Green


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing in regards to the “Water Shortage in Mountain Green” article found in the Friday, August 10, 2018 issue of the Morgan County News.  As the president and manager of Cottonwood Mutual Water Company (CMWC) I wish to clarify some misinformation found in this article.

First, I believe it is important for the citizens of Morgan County and particularly the residents of Mountain Green to know that there are several culinary water systems found in the Mountain Green area.  The State Division of Drinking Water lists on their waterlink.utah.gov website seven different water companies within the Mountain Green area.  These water systems include:  Browning Arms, Cottonwood Mutual Water Company, Highlands, LDS Church, Mountain Green Rest Stop, Mountain Green Water Association, and Monte Verde.  In addition, to the above named culinary companies, there are two secondary irrigation companies:  Northwest Irrigation Company and Mountain Green Secondary Water Company.

Second, I cannot speak to all water systems ability to supply water in the Mountain Green area but I can speak to Cottonwood Mutual Water Company’s ability to supply water.  I want to start by making perfectly clear that CMWC is NOT on water restrictions.  We are a system which relies upon wells to supply water to our members and currently we have sufficient water to meet today’s demand and future demand placed upon it.

Third, our water system works closely with engineers in sizing our system and utilizing hydraulic models to plan for growth.  Currently, we are working with the Village at Trappers Loop in designing and upsizing our system to meet the demand this development will place upon our system.  As a result of this planning the Village at Trappers Loop is currently completing the installation of a 1.0 million-gallon water tank and well which produces 235 gallons per minute of water.  A start card has also been obtained to drill an additional well to meet future growth demands and provide redundancy in our water supply. 

Fourth, it is important for the residents of the community to know that as a water company we work closely with the State Division of Drinking Water, Division of Water Quality, and the State Division of Water Rights to ensure we are meeting and/or exceeding all state and federal guidelines in supplying reliable culinary water and water delivery systems to the members it serves and to the community as a whole. 

Finally, as a closing remark, I want the citizens of this county to know that the Cottonwood Mutual Water Company can meet the water needs of our current members and those commitments we have committed to serve in the future including the Village at Trappers Loop.


Mike Johanson

President & Manager

Cottonwood Mutual Water Company

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