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Monster Trucks Deliver Monster Performance at MCF


For the second year in row, the Live a Little Productions Monster Truck Insanity Tour made a pit stop at the Morgan County Fair delighting young and older spectators alike.   This year, Kamikaze, driven by Mike Christensen, and Monster Trakker, driven by Ron Duncan, returned to thrill the crowd with their high-flying jumps, thrilling wheelies and exciting spins.  Newcomer Wally Turner, in his truck, Sniper, completed the trio.

Turner, a Larry H. Miller corporate finance guy by day and monster truck driver by night, loves living his childhood dream on the weekends.  When he was young, Turner saw Bigfoot roll and was sold!  Six years ago, Turner purchased a ride truck, Hitman, and two year ago, began driving Sniper.  Turner’s favorite part of driving is the pre-show Pit Party and post-show Autographs.  “I love being with the fans and putting on a show for them.  It is great after a show to hear that they enjoyed my driving.  When I drive, I think about what it would look like to be in the stands.  I want to put on a good show for the audience,” Turner explained. 

Turner, whose truck is a “rolling tribute to the military” shared a special experience he had in Delta, Utah last year.  “I was given a black arm band that I wear every time I drive.  It is in honor of Jordan Byrd of Grantsville.  He was deployed two days after his son was born and was killed two weeks later,” Turner explained.  “I am grateful to live “in the land of the free because of the brave.”

After Duncan took the wheelie contest, Turner won the Monster Races and then claimed the freestyle contest.  Mr. Extreme, a fire breathing entertainer from Texas, thrilled the crowd during the intermission, and the Tough Truck racing was claimed by Jeromy Pritchard in the first round and then his wife Tabitha, to the delight of every young girl in the audience, took the second round.

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