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DUP Museum Lease Marked as Symbolic


Kimberly Folk

On February 5,, 1949 the Daughters of Utah Pioneers (DUP) took out a 100-year lease on the museum located on State Street. The lease stated the DUP would pay $1 to the treasurer of Morgan County and $1 to Morgan City for the 100 years. Kimberly Folk said, “As I’ve dug through this I’ve found no record of this being paid.”

It may seem insignificant, a matter of $2, but Folk’s concern came due to the possibility of back payment, if in fact the $2 lease had never been paid to either government bodies. The amount could have totaled up to $100 for the term of the lease.

Folk said, “Mayor Little has said the City agreed when the county took over the block, all but the one city building, the Mayor said there were no payments to be made, and he turned everything over to the county. I am here just to settle this. I would love some paperwork on this, and to me since there isn’t any paperwork we might owe you $100. My concern is to have a paper trail on that, so in 10 years you don’t have someone else in here asking the same question. ”

County Attorney, Jann Farris said, “A lot of times in real estate transactions like this the dollar is just symbolic, and so sometimes it doesn’t really trade hands. It at least keeps the lease open for the 99 years. The council can decide if they want the money for those years that weren’t paid.”

The DUP had the desire to keep their own records up to date and all fees paid in full. The County Council opted not to collect on the $100, nor the $1 owed according to the 1949 lease and determined the lease payment for the Daughters of Utah Pioneers to be a symbolic payment and paid in full, at least until 2049 when the current lease expires.

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