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Congrats to Jann Farris (Newspaper), and Anne Stevens (Facebook) for being the first to correctly guess last weeks hunt:  D.U.P. Pioneer Cabin (located at approximately 33 N. State St.).   Just remember that entries must be submitted between Friday 6pm and Monday 12pm.  Early or late submissions will not be counted. 

This pioneer cabin was one of the first built in the valley by George Henry Peterson at approximately 3870 N. Morgan Valley Dr. in Peterson.  It holds significance as the birthplace of Charles Russell Stevens, the first non-native boy born in Morgan on September 23, 1857.  His older sister Martha Ann Stevens holds the honor of being the first non-native child born in the valley on December 14, 1855.  The cabin was moved from Jake Bohman’s property in Peterson in 1931 to Morgan City (near the Rock Church 48 S. State St.), and in 2008 was moved a second time to its current location next to the D.U.P. Museum on State Street.  The Morgan D.U.P. has taken care of it since its move in 1931. Last Weeks Answer – D.U.P. Pioneer Cabin This Weeks Clue: Join the Morgan County Historical Society as we Hunt for History each week through the end of 2018 as we celebrate Morgan City’s Sesquicentennial.

Here are the rules:

1. Must Correctly Identify Building – (either by business name, or address).  First to identify gets prize (Book, Pin, or Ornament) and name put into Grand Prize Drawing.  All others who identify also get name put in drawing for Grand Prize ($50). 

2. Entries must be submitted between Friday 6pm and Monday 12pm.  Early or late submissions will not be counted.

3. All buildings are located in Morgan City and the architectural detail can be seen from the public right of way.  No Trespassing on Private property.  All buildings are commercial or public, no private homes.

4. Limit one entry per person, per week. 

5. Limit 3 prizes (after 3 prizes the winner will get their name put in twice for the Grand Prize Drawing).

6. Grand Prize Drawing will be held at the end of the year.

Call or email your answer to Rachel Turk at the Historical Society.  (801)845-6085 or rturk@morgan-county.net   Please include your name, answer and phone number when you call.

Follow Morgan County Historical Society on Instagram or Facebook for more history, contests and fun. 

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