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Random Acts of Kindness


The world isn’t so bad. That’s the motto of Random Acts, a popular TV show on BYUTV. The show follows the hosts as they go about the state helping those who have been nominated by others. Most of the families selected to have Random Acts show up on their doorstep are people who have endured hardship of any kind, yet still find it in their hearts to serve and help others. The show runs on donations financially and with volunteers, doing things like landscaping, vacations, making dreams happen, or even remodeling homes.

On Friday, August 17th, Morgan County had it’s own visit by Random Acts.

Julie Burraston is described by friends and neighbors as giving, caring and selfless. Burraston is the mother of Jameson, Noah and Chloe. The family lost their husband and father, Gary, just last summer. Through the hardship Burraston has continued to be a light to the community.

One story of her charity and kindness to those in pain comes from three years ago. Sierra Hadley, one of four who passed away in a Bear Lake boating accident has ties to Morgan. Her grandparents and aunt and uncle live in the community. After the tragic accident the Burrastons, and others were waiting for the family to arrive at the cemetery to offer condolences with orange balloons, Sierra’s favorite color. The Burrastons were there for friends in a time of need. And the same friends returned the act of kindness to Julie.

The Random Acts show uses nominations to select it’s families. Sunni Heywood and her sister Bambi Heater— aunts of Sierra Hadley– took the first initiative, though the process would soon turn into a group community effort. Heywood nominated Burraston and a few months later the show reached out, selecting Julie as their next random act of kindness. The show was informed that Julie and Gary had always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon, and unfortunately were unable to do so together. So, with the help of high school administrators, students, and the community the plan was set in motion.

During halftime at last Friday’s football game, a representative of the show took the field. The city of Eden holds a hot air balloon festival each year. Burraston was surprised to be the one who would launch the balloon rides with the red, white, and blue balloon. Not only was she the one to launch the balloons, but was also invited in for a ride. Little did Burraston know the woman sitting next to her at the game was also part of the show. Julie and her kids were provided with a two-night stay in Eden, with dinner, balloon rides, and breakfast provided.

But there’s more. During the ride a bus followed the route on the road below. When the Burrastons disembarked they were greeted by all those who loved and cared for the family.

And still there’s more. Random Acts learned the Burrastons were fans of the Denver Broncos. The team reached out to the show and wanted to have the family come to one of their games. Random Acts didn’t let the opportunity pass. The Burrastons will enjoy and all expense paid vacation to see a Denver Broncos game.

Friends said the entire process was amazing, and difficult to keep a secret, but so worth it. Everybody helped out so much. The High School, the students and the people of Morgan. No one deserved it more than the Burraston family. 

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