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Thank you Mountain Green Friends and Neighbors


This letter is an open “Thank you!” to our friends and neighbors in Mountain Green. Today, a teenage friend of our family accidentally skidded out into traffic on Old State Highway and hit a vehicle with his mountain bike. He was then hit by the side mirror of the truck and went down hard. So many neighbors were there immediately. The Morgan County Sheriff arrived in just a couple minutes. Fire and Rescue, and a Morgan County ambulance, and Utah Highway Patrol — everyone was so very caring and professional and helpful. Witnesses gave statements, traffic was a zoo but was managed as well as possible, information was exchanged, and most importantly our friend was cared for extremely well. With parents stuck “down the hill” in town, I was allowed to ride in the front of the ambulance to an Ogden hospital where the teen was reunited with family and got the care he needed. We recently moved “up the hill” from Layton to get closer to the beautiful Utah countryside — we didn’t know what a beautiful community of public servants, friends, and neighbors we would find. Thank you for everyone’s empathy and support in a time of need.


the Nowlin Family

Highland Dr.

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