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New School Year, New Opportunities


As summer break concludes and the school year commences, a palpable energy is felt in the school. The excitement to begin classes almost rivals the typical excitement that occurs when they come to an end. With an influx of new teachers and construction underway, it’s a new experience for students at the school— plus everyone is excited to return to sports, clubs, and friends. Regardless of the excitement felt by other students, one particular group’s stands unparalleled: the senior class. Concerns about parking, construction, early-out Fridays, etc. all vanish as the seniors start to consider their varsity sports, leadership in extracurriculars, and college plans that they have been anticipating for years. This is the year to be getting sports/academic/talent scholarships, to be considered a Sterling Scholar, or even to be valedictorian. After all these years of waiting, senior year has arrived for a class size of just over 220. Several seniors have had the chance to spotlight some of their previous accomplishments and their future goals which are shown below.

Sam Montgomery: “I am interested in reading fiction, riding my dirtbike, and working. I am vice president of debate and this will be my fourth year being part of debate. I thoroughly enjoy the sport. I do the event public forum usually with my partner Jack Plyer. Last year we ranked 8th in state and plan to do a lot better this year, hopefully winning state. I also went to nationals last year for the event world schools which was really a great experience. This will also be my fourth year of future business leaders of america, and my second as an officer. This year we have big plans to do tours of businesses and colleges such as byu, and have already arranged a tour to showcase some college jobs and careers that out members might be interested in. It’s been tough to plan and work out activities and fundraising events to keep FBLA going, but it’s been a great way for me to learn how to manage groups of people. I am also an officer for UNICEF. Our goal this year is to fundraise money to help children who need things like vaccines and clean water. I am especially excited to be an officer of this club because it gives me a chance to give back to the world, and help children in need. I hope to be able to raise UNICEF’s awareness and hopefully get enough funds from fundraising to make a difference for impoverished children. I am also a part of Weber-Morgan GYC, a youth group focused on prevention efforts against tobacco products. This year we are planning to get support from our community and talk to mayor little to help change the law regarding E-cigarettes in public areas, specifically to ban them. The law already bans smoking in public areas, and we hope to also include e-cigarettes in this initiative. As for after high school plans, I hope to go to a local college such as Utah State University and work on becoming a pharmacist. To help me prepare for that I am taking Advanced Placement classes to get college credit, in fact I took AP chemistry last year and it has helped solidify my feelings toward going into the scientific field.”

Erin Kobe: “This year I have completely changed my routine and schedule and I’m so excited for it all! The entire school year I will be attending the DTC as a cosmetology student and working to get my license. My new high school activities will include debate, swim team and track. I’m super excited to start doing these new things I’ve never done before. I’ve kind of flipped from at the arts (choir and theater) to the sports side of extra curricular activities. At first I was worried about making these huge changes, but this year I am the most excited I’ve ever been for school! After graduating, I will finish up my DTC courses, then I plan on going to the Weber State University. “

Brooke Grow: “I have gone to Mathletes every year since I was in 7th grade and I also went to Academic Olympiad last year and I’m planning to go again this year. Over the summer I went to a Biotechnology Research Academy and I was able to do research in one of the labs at USU with a partner and then present about it at the end. My partner and I won first place in our lab presentation. In school I am in Unicef and FBLA. This year I’m an NHS president for the school chapter. I’m also a student representative on the Morgan Scholarship Board. By the end of the school year I will have taken all the AP science and math classes offered at the high school. I help tutor her students, prep the labs, and make chemicals for her. I plan on doing the science fair and science olympiad. Also I want to work towards being the Sterling Scholar for either science or math. My plan is to apply to both the University of Utah and BYU. I am looking into their honors programs and also the UofU has an Access program for girls going in to majors associated with math or science that I am looking. After I graduate from high school I’m planning to attend the college I choose for a year before I leave on my mission at the end of May or beginning of June 2020. I think I will major in something related to chemistry. After I get my bachelor’s I want to attend medical school and go into some sort of medicine in the pediatric field.”

Morgan Ellis: “My goal for senior year is to get a jumpstart on my life. I’m taking a lot of college classes and working to earn money for the future. After high school I want to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. After that I plan to come back and work in a juvenile detention center while going to college. I want to become a clinical psychologist so I would major in social work and psychology. After I get a degree I would go work with troubled teens in group homes or juvenile detention centers to help them get the support they need and don’t get anywhere else.”

Jacob Wilkinson: “Being a senior at Morgan High puts some perspective on how important and close my future is, being involved with the cross country and track teams has been a big part of my high school career and both have taught me about responsibility, dedication, hard work and friendship.

I have also been involved with FBLA which has given me priceless tips on how to manage my time wisely and take charge and be a leader. For colleges I’m looking for a place where I can take my interests and hopefully make them into a career. Some of these interests include Sports medicine and physical therapy and helping those with medical needs. The schools I’ve most looked at are the University of Utah and Utah State University.  If all goes well this year I will be attending one of these schools after serving an LDS mission. I am excited to see what prospects lie ahead for me as I end my last year of high school.”

Tricia Cowgill: Many people think that senior year is super easy and you barely have to show up. while some people choose to take that path, I didn’t. I chose the hard way. I’m going to the DTC for cosmetology. Many people have asked me what’s so hard about cosmetology. Cosmetology is much more than just cutting and braiding hair. It’s an art. You have to be creative and you have to be able to visualize what you need to do. There’s so much to remember and do. You must be able to communicate effectively and to meet your clients expectations. On top of, cosmetology I also have high school classes. Throughout high school I played soccer. This year I decided not to do so, I could really focus on school. I’m in NHS and strive to stay in that. I’m excited to live up my senior year. Even though I have a lot going on in school, I want to have fun! School is my first priority, but my friends and I love to go to football and soccer games. We love to support our school and the community. There are a few schools I’m looking at. My goal is BYU, but right after that is SUU. I want to be an elementary school teacher and SUU has the best program in Utah. Since college is super expensive, I’m using cosmetology to help me get through college. I love cosmetology, but it’ll also help me get through college. I’m excited to get out into the real world, but nervous. To kids still in high school: Start planning for your future now. Start to figure out what you want to do with your life but you don’t have to know everything right now. Live your life, but remember– school should be on the top of your priority list.

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