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Competition Softball Wins Big


There is a group of girls in Morgan County who have a passion for playing softball. For years they’ve enjoyed playing in the Rec leagues, but wanted to push themselves even more. Matt Hartman started a 12 U All-Star Team last year.

Recreation programs nominate an All-Star player each game. At the end of the Rec season, those girls can form a team to go on and compete in tournaments around the state. Each tournament lasts around 3 days.

Team mom, Jennifer Remund said, “This is all volunteer on the girls’ part. In other communities they have a large pick of girls. Morgan does not. We would love to see more girls interested in softball. Most of these girls are 11 and learned to play competitive softball in a matter of months.”

The hope of the parents of the All-Star team is to bring more instruction to the recreation department, to prepare young athletes for more competitive sports, leading to High School teams. After working hard all season the Morgan All-Star team won big in the championship tournament.

Coach Randi Averett said, “I’m so proud of all these girls. They have grown so much in 3 months.” The All-Star team is always looking for sponsors to grow the program. Coaches are Jay Averett, Kyle Watrin, Matt Hartman, and Randi Averett.

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