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DUP members raising funds to raise a classroom


Thrilled by initial donations, they ask for continued support

The Morgan Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP) recently met with the Morgan Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers (SUP) and the Morgan Chamber of Commerce to update them on their plans and progress for the Pioneer Classroom.  The DUP is currently fundraising to build a classroom between the historic log cabin and current DUP museum.  Adding the classroom will allow the members of the DUP to better educate the community about the history of Morgan County.  Each year every fourth grader in Morgan schools is able to visit the DUP museum and historic log cabin, but space limits the number of students that can be instructed at one time.  Large, or not-so-very large groups, are difficult accommodate in the small confines of the current spaces of the DUP.

On July 7, 2018, Rob Thurston, a descendant of original Morgan Valley pioneers who settled the Milton area in the 1850’s, Thomas Jefferson Thurston and Jesse Carter Little, presented an “historical exposition to a capacity audience in the DUP museum” to help raise funds to build the classroom.  In addition to his presentation and travel from Provo, Thurston and his family made significant donations to the building fund

After Thurston’s presentation, some of Morgan’s own professionals pledged their equipment, time and expertise to the classroom project. Jeff West volunteered to build and donate the roof trusses. Jason Ball, engineer, drew plans and worked with the County Planning Commission for approval. Ron Hales of Center Point Construction Co. is prepared to dig the foundation. Ernie Durrant offered to set footings and build the basement. Others have been attending weekly planning meetings at Center Point Construction and have pledged their support as the project moves forward. Businesses and families have donated $20,000 toward the building materials, but a total of $70,000 is needed.

DUP members are delighted by the community’s response to their call for help to build the classroom. “We are so grateful for all who have stepped up and helped us on our classroom project so far,” Dorothy Little shared.  “The members of the community have been very supportive.  We are meeting with organizations to share our fundraising goals and vision for our classroom project.”

“Our focus is on educating the community,” Little continued. “To do this well, we need more space.”

The Morgan Chapter of the DUP has 93 members who are working hard to raise money to provide Morgan County residents a new classroom where everyone can continue to learn about those who settled the valley.  They are asking for help to achieve their goal.  They need $50,000 “as soon as we can find it.”

“As the year ends and people are looking for tax-free donations, please consider donating to our cause,” members of the DUP encourage.  To be a part of this historical project, contact a member of the DUP and she will provide you with the necessary information.  As a community, each person can be involved to spread the word that the DUP is raising funds to raise a classroom!

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