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Mountain Green runs annual sewer main cleaning


Residents urged to take precautions

The Mountain Green Sewer Improvement District (MGSID) has contracted with Pro-Pipe to clean and video the District’s sanitary sewer system this year.

Starting September 24, 2018 and running for approximately the next four weeks Pro-Pipe will be in Mountain Green neighborhoods performing this task.

The sanitary sewer lines are cleaned using high performance sewer cleaning equipment.  A cleaning nozzle is propelled from one manhole to the next using water under high pressure.  The nozzle is then pulled back to the starting manhole.  As the nozzle moves in both directions through the sewer line, water scours the inside of the sanitary sewer pipe.  Any debris in the pipe is pulled back with the water and then removed from the manhole with a vacuum unit. 

During cleaning of the sanitary sewer lines, air occasionally vents into a home through the sanitary sewer service line and ventilation system.  When this happens, water in the toilet bowl can bubble or surge and, in rare instances, splash out of the bowl.  We remind you that the water that could come from this type of incident is from the toilet bowl itself, not from the sewer mains.  Therefore, during the four week period of system cleaning it would be beneficial to make sure to keep the lid of your toilet bowl down to minimize the water splashing from your toilet.

The common causes of air venting into homes during sanitary sewer cleaning are: air movement from normal cleaning operations, the use of higher pressure needed when cleaning sanitary sewer lines that have a steep slow, sewer lines running close to the building, a plugged roof vent and the size and complexity of the homes waste and ventilation system.  To minimize water splashing out of your toilet bowl, please keep the lid down.  We also recommend that you run a little water into each of your sinks, showers, bath tubs and floor drains to fill the p-trap underneath and prevent the free flow of odors from the sewer system into the home.

If you have any questions please call the MGSID office at (801)876-3416.

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