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Rifle Range to Close Due to Fire Hazards


A fire line was created in the rifle range after a few close calls. There was hope it would help decrease the risk of sparks igniting into flames. However, due to surrounding rifle ranges closing most shooters are finding their way to the Morgan Rifle range.

Dave Rich, the Fire Marshal, recommended the county council close the rifle range for the time being due to the increased risk of fire and threat to nearby homes.

“Please don’t find any corner in the county to practice shooting after it closes. Go to an indoor range and do your shooting there so we can protect our community,” said Council Member, Robert Kilmer.

Sheriff, Blaine Breshears explained there were many calls to his office from concerned homeowners. Breshears said, “It is getting overused. I don’t see any problem with shutting it down for safety.”

The date when it would open again isn’t known. It would be after fire services assess the risk, and most likely when Morgan County gets more moisture.

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