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Bid Awarded for Waterline Project


Morgan City Council heard bids opened for a new waterline project in Morgan City at 150 North, resolution 18-40. After hearing several bids for budget and cost for the project a company was selected to complete the project in Morgan City.

Allied Underground Technology came in at the lowest bid at $54, 255.24 and was chosen to complete the project. The city engineer’s estimate of the cost of the project was at $55,000. Council member, Tony London stated, “This project is included in the budget and has been budgeted out.”

Part of the reason to put in the water line is because the road is a dead end. The plan is to loop the water line so potential back ups or other problems can be avoided. The goal of the project is to finish looping the water line before the street is resurfaced. If the project was to wait after the resurfacing it would be more difficult to complete.

Mayor Little finished by stating, “I’d like to compliment our city staff and crew for looking forward and looking ahead and trying to do projects in advance of needs and trying to budget for those projects.”

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