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City Council Amends Land from Low Density to Medium Density


Morgan City Planning Commission approached the City Council with a unanimous decision to amend the zoning and density levels of a portion of land west of 275 North, between State Street and Island Road. The commission felt the new density level important and necessary and brought all concerns and reasons for the City Council to make a final vote.

Mayor Ray Little explained, “The reason for making this change is because there is commercial on state street and then on Island Road there is residential. The reason for the change is create a buffer zone between residential and commercial. Typically we like to have a buffer zone between commercial and single-family and this amendment with satisfy that change.”

The decision came from a lot of discussion and what level of density the property should be brought to, however the planning commission didn’t make the decision to make the zone change, only the density change. The consensus was when the property sells the engineers can determine and alter the zone if necessary.

Medium density, or RM-7, means a dwelling unit can have 8,000 square feet on the first dwelling unit, and the minimum lot area square foot for each additional unit is 4,000 square feet. In order for the city to change a low density property to a higher density it is most often due to coming closer to higher density uses like a freeway, or commercial buildings. The plot of land was once used as agricultural land, but now is too close to commercial sites.

The City Council unanimously approved for the increase in density to create more of a buffer between homes on Island Road and commercial buildings toward State Street.

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