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High School Students Attend Rocket Test


On Thursday – Students of Morgan High’s Physics, AP Chemistry, and Material Science classes attended Northrop Grumman’s testing of the GEM-63 rocket motor. Students sat almost a mile away from the actual motor but the spectacular amount of light and smoke produced, as well as the shockwave from the motor moments after it fired could be easily seen, heard, and felt.

The motor consists of a granite epoxy nozzle skirt that is 63 inches in diameter and  fires a solid fuel propellant for approximately 84 seconds, after which would then be jettisoned on a real rocket. The motor is planned to be used on the Atlas V and Vulcan rockets.

Even though Ms. Frizzle wasn’t able to take students to the test, it was still an amazing field trip with much to learn from it in all of the classes that went.

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