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Homecoming Week Paints School Spirit


What is it that makes a school great? Its campus? Maybe its sports program? For the students of Morgan High School, greatness lies in a school’s ability to unite. To promote increased unity at MHS, student body officers and numerous faculty members have spent months planning a homecoming week meant to bring the student body together.

    Throughout the week, students will participate in both timeless school traditions and newly introduced activities. These activities act as catalysts for the school wide bonding that organizers hope will occur. One such activity/tradition is the street painting that took place Monday. Street painting is normally located on Trojan Boulevard in front of the high school. However, the construction currently under way on the high school addition warranted a move to the pavement behind the football stadium.

Street painting takes place every year during homecoming week, and is a favorite amongst upperclassmen. Each of the school’s classes (freshman, sophomores, etc.), as well as many of the clubs and sport teams, gather together and paint the ground in individual artistic representations of who they are or what they do. For example, members of the school band teamed up to paint a giant music staff, which they then filled with all of their names. Connor McLean, a member of the band, participated in the painting. He says the design “shows that we love what we do, and that we’re part of it.”

Along with the band, members of many other clubs came together to imagine, then execute a common vision. Courtney Wubker, a member of the MHS cheer team said, “We’re more creative, and we get more ideas bonding as a team.” She and her teammates were covered in the paint they’d been using to create their masterpiece. “They’re our new team colors,” she said, laughing.

It was while the majority of participants were covered in these “new team colors,” that the unifying part of the activity came in. Amidst the artistic and purpose driven elements of the activity, there was a definite air of fun. This was, after all, an event organized and executed by high school students. Ultimately, it was a competition between the participants and the pavement; who would end the day wearing more paint? For every brush stroke that made it to the ground, there were two more that wound up in someone’s hair, or down the arm of the nearest person. Several members of the drama club donned “war paint,” and set off to conquer the surrounding painters.

Because the paint was permanent, everything painted on Monday will last long into the school year. The memories made and friendships forged simultaneously will last even longer. Morgan High school is ready to embrace the “new school colors,” and unify for another spectacular year.

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