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Letter to the Editor – Proposition 4


Proposition 4 – Vote for Better Boundaries!

There will be a lot of questions on our ballots this fall.  Many more than we are used to, and all critically important spending some time to understand.  I certainly hope that doesn’t keep people from sending in their ballot and making their voice heard.

One of the propositions that I hope passes is Prop #4 (Better Boundaries).  It is so important because it speaks to one of our rights that most directly affects all others, our right to vote for those who will represent us.

Currently, the State Legislature draws the lines that map out our electoral boundaries for State House, State Senate, State School Board, and US Congressional Seats.  These lines are drawn every 10 years after the census is completed.  In practice, many of them get drawn in ways that split communities up and make it more likely that incumbents will keep their seats.  Political gerrymandering leads to unrepresented communities, non-competitive races, low voter turnout, and extreme partisanship.

Proposition 4 will aim to fix this problem by forming an appointed, multi-partisan panel to make recommendations to the legislature about how the lines can be drawn fairly.  The legislature must either accept these lines or reject them and give specific reasons for doing so.  It will go a long way towards making politics more fair in Utah, and politicians more accountable to those who elect them.

To find out more about Better Boundaries, please visit https://betterboundaries.org.  I urge you to support this proposition to improve Utah’s democratic process, and please make sure to VOTE!

Chris Neville – Candidate for Utah House of Representatives District 53

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