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Morgan Volleyball Learns life lessons at California tournament

Prepares for upcoming Pink Night


The MHS volleyball team is atop Region 13 with a 3-0 record but is preparing for each match knowing that “anything is possible at any time.”  Coach Liz Wiscombe’s Lady Trojans have a perfect record on the season against in-state competition but lost four matches to larger California schools at the La Jolla Coastal Classic in California on September 21-22. Although their win-loss record at the tournament wasn’t exactly what they had hoped for, the team returned home from Cali with some valuable life lessons.

“La Jolla is always a tough tournament. It is a great experience to play good competition, no matter where they are located.  As a team, we learned volleyball lessons in La Jolla, and they will make us better for the rest of the season if we remember and implement them,” Wiscombe shared.

While in Oceanside, the team was able to learn important life lessons as well.  One evening they were able to visit a homeless shelter and provide a meal. In interacting with the patrons, the players shared food while receiving so much more in return.

“It was so humbling,” Senior Ausha Hales reported. “It helped me to be grateful for everything I have.”

Fellow senior Ellee Anderson agreed, but added, “I learned from the people there that you don’t need a lot in life to be happy.  Everyone we spoke with was so friendly and happy even though they didn’t have a lot.”

“It really helped me take my mind off me.  When you get out of yourself and look at other people, it helps you be so grateful for everything,” Anderson explained.

Another highlight of the trip was meeting new friends from a California team comprised entirely of girls in foster care.  In the opening round, Morgan played this team and found out about the unique nature of the team from one of the referees.  The next day, the team showed up to cheer for Morgan and then the Lady Trojans returned the favor.  Morgan invited the team to join them for lunch and friendships blossomed.

“We were sharing phone numbers and Snaps, and we’re still in touch,” Hales excitedly recounted.  “I learned so much from the girls.  One of the girls didn’t have very much at all, but she has such high hopes and goals.  It is really inspiring.”

Coach Wiscombe noted, “It is awesome to be able to meet people in different circumstances and learn from them.”

In addition to practicing on the court for upcoming region games against Judge and Grantsville this week before finishing region play against South Summit (Oct 11), Summit Academy (Oct 16) and Judge (Oct 18), the Lady Trojans are busy preparing for one of their favorite events of the season—Pink Night!  It will be held Oct 17 at 7:00 pm at their home match against Skyline. 

Pink Night is another of the volleyball team’s opportunities to give back to the community and help those who are fighting cancer.  Each year before the game, the Lady Trojans honor members of the community who have fought or are currently fighting cancer.  They make quilts and bake goods to sell at Pink Night and do several other projects to support this fundraiser which donates 100% of the proceeds to the Huntsman Cancer Center.

Mark your calendars and watch the paper next week for more information and a schedule for Pink Night on Oct 17!

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