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What Voters Should Know About Proposition 1


You may have seen the signs for Proposition 1, formally titled “Nonbinding Opinion Question No. 1.” This ballot item is a Legislature-approved question. It came about from a simple majority vote from the State Senate and Utah House of Representatives and a compromise with Our Schools Now. Our Schools Now is a group backing a tax increase initiative to fund education. The initiative passed.

So what is the question on the ballot and what does it mean? According to ballot information by the State of Utah it says, “An advisory question is a type of ballot measure in which citizens vote on a non-binding question. The largest difference between an advisory vote and any other type of ballot measure is that the outcome of the ballot question will not result in a new, changed or rejected law or constitutional amendment. Rather, the advisory question symbolically makes heard the general opinion of the voting population.”

The question will read, “To provide additional funding for public education and local roads, should the state increase the state motor and special fuel tax rates by an equivalent of 10 cents per gallon?”

The new proposition will enact roughly $180 million in new gas tax revenue. But it isn’t so cut and dry. Supporters of the tax increase are thrilled that money will be available for Utah schools, however there are those who are against a ‘yes’ vote for Proposition 1. Utah gas prices are already above the national average. In April of 2018 Utah gas taxes per gallon were 47.81 cents per gallon, the National tax per gallon was 29.41 cents per gallon. Some prosperity organizations for the State of Utah believe we shouldn’t add any more taxes to an already high tax on gasoline. Believing Utah should use other resources available to fun education.

This election voters are encouraged to research the different ballot questions and vote how they feel best serves the community, the state, and themselves.

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