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Letter to the Editor – District 1


Dear Editor, I would like to respond to and complement last week’s letter of support for District 1’s candidate Tina Cannon. I also am cognizant of the magnitude and quality of Ms. Cannon’s work on our behalf, particularly in the matter of the I-80 interchange and in County planning matters. The Interchange issue is quite a complicated, and to some degree political, matter; Ms. Cannon’s relationships with the various agencies involved, particularly UDOT, is invaluable. I am confident that if elected, Ms. Cannon will continue to serve in this exemplary manner. In all fairness, I think this space should allow equal exposure for the challenger candidate, Tina Kelley. Ms. Kelley has been a Morgan County resident for 27 years. She served on the County Council for two terms prior to Ms. Cannon’s term, but Ms. Kelley’s interest and involvement in County issues goes back much further, to 2003. I cannot recall a single Council or Commission meeting in which Ms. Kelley was not present, taking copious notes. I recall instances of the Council calling on Ms. Kelley for clarification on matters that were not clear in the Council’s own minutes. Tina Kelley’s government experience includes the following: five years on the Utah Association of Counties, eleven years on the Weber-Morgan Board of Health, eleven years on the Mountain Green Sewer District, Chair of the Morgan County Historical Society, present president of the Utah Association of Local Boards of Health, and considerable involvement in bringing the Interchange to the forefront. Ms. Kelley has a quiet, deliberative demeanor. When she speaks, she does so in a contemplative, well thought-out manner which reflects thorough understanding. During her tenure Ms. Kelley provided a unifying and mollifying influence when divisions arose on the Council. I am completely confident that Ms. Kelley has full command of all considerations of issues currently faced by the County. Ms. Kelley is very approachable. Whenever I have questions about County issues she readily provides the answers. Ms. Kelley embodies the essence of representing her constituents. She invites input and publicly provides her personal phone number and personal E-mail. She has no outside obligations that would detract from Council responsibilities. I suggest that your vote for Tina Kelley will serve you, and us, very well. Thank you. Sincerely, John A. Triplett Former F-104 Starfighter pilot Major, USAF (retired) M.S.E.E.

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