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Recreation Urges Voters to Vote YES to Proposition 22


As the November 6th election approaches the Morgan County Recreation department hopes to remind voters of the RAMP tax option on the ballot. Morgan County Recreation will be losing funding at the end of June 2019. In order to keep the recreation programs thriving in the city and county, there needs to be another option for funding.

A new RAMP (Recreation, Arts, Museums, and Parks) tax is a viable solution to the problem. The County Council approved the tax and it will be on the ballot this November for voters to decide if it will pass. Voters will be asked to vote in favor, or against, having the County Council approve the RAMP tax.

The best news about this type of tax is it is a sales tax option. This means no extra tax hikes for the community and citizens. 1/10 of 1% of sales tax throughout the county will go toward recreation funding. It will be an annual increase of approximately $12 per household. This means it is not just limited to Morgan residents funding the program. Anyone who spends money in our small community will be helping fund the recreation programs if the tax is passed in November. Those stopping at the grocery store on their way to East Canyon, it goes to recreation. Buying gas, going to lunch, is money back into the extracurriculars of the community.

Carol Brooks said, “This is a good thing. It doesn’t raise individual taxes and anyone who spends a dollar will be contributing to the programs.”

When November ballots are out, the recreation department hopes community members will vote yes to approve the RAMP tax to keep the sports and activities funded so people of all ages can continue to enjoy the outdoors and time spent on the fields and courts.

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