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MHS Volleyball Pink Night = Community


A basic definition of community is “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common” while a more philosophical version would be “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”  For those who attended the Morgan High Volleyball Team’s Pink Night on Wednesday, October 17, neither definition was important because on that night, all in attendance witnessed and felt “community” in the MHS gym.

Coach Liz Wiscombe, her staff, the MHS team and players’ parents feel very strongly about giving back to the Morgan community who supports them so much.  Wiscombe shared, “Volleyball is important, but it is just an avenue to teach other life lessons.  Pink Night is about real heroes overcoming real battles, and we are with them as they battle.”

Honoring members of the community who are currently battling or have fought cancer in the past is one of the most important events of Pink Night.  This year, before the game began, seven women were recognized in their battle against the formidable foe of cancer.  Becky Stevens Darrington played volleyball for MHS in the early ‘90s.  Gina Stuart and Lucinda Anderson both work at Morgan Middle School.  Candace Crane is a former Morgan School District Employee.  Joan Adams and Lyn London are long-time Morgan residents, and Darlene Ashton is an avid Trojan fan whose daughter served as a volleyball manager during high school. 

Before the match began, Coach Wiscombe explained to their opponents, the Skyline High (located in Salt Lake City) volleyball team, “Please be patient with us tonight.  We are a small community, and we know each of these people we are honoring. The game might take a little longer, but we want them to feel of our love as they go through their trials with cancer.  Cancer touches each of us and as a community we can help them through and show our love.”

Mom Darcie Anderson commented, “The outreach from the community was absolutely amazing.  Everyone was so willing to contribute, and not just businesses, but families, those affected by cancer and those who just wanted to help.  Some families worked together to make amazing quilts that they donated.  It was just amazing to see how families came together to support this event.”

After the game, Skyline coach Mondo Begay shared with a Morgan volleyball mom, “There’s no place in Utah where I could bring these girls to play volleyball and experience a community coming together like this to support a cause.”

Morgan won the match, but the big winners were all those who were able to participate in the Pink Night traditions of the Pink parade, silent auctions, quilt auctions, pink treat sale, pink jerseys and so much more. “Just plugging into the traditions of the past is an amazing experience for the girls (players), parents and community,” Anderson explained.  “It teaches the girls that you can take something you love, like volleyball, and turn it into an event where the possibilities for doing good are endless.  It shows them more about life outside of volleyball and teaches them about families and how they rally to support each other as they battle not for points or trophies, but for their lives!”

Coach Wiscombe and the team would like to thank everyone who donated to Pink Night and “gave because they wanted to make the world a better place!”  All funds raised will be donated to the Huntsman Cancer Center for cancer research.  Thank you, Morgan!

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